What Is A Free Being?

A Free Being, is one who is FREE to BE anything at all.

That statement may seem innocuous and trite, but in fact, it means a great deal. In some circles, the term 'Free Being' could be said to have a deep, deep meaning. What is considered 'deep'? The answer would be a measurement of how close you are to self-awareness.

Self-awareness is not being aware that you get your body up and out of bed in the morning. It is not the awareness when you think up of some goal to achieve and achieve it. Self-awareness is knowing. It is knowing who it is that sees, knows and embodies self-awareness. It's pretty simple and basic.

It's pretty simple and basic for those that have stopped living the mortal dream.

The body gets up and out of bed in the morning. That easily understood event has nothing to do with self-awareness. You are not the body. When one is a Free Being, there is, in fact, no body and it doesn't really do anything at all.

That's a strange twisting of accepted reality, but when one becomes self-aware, there is absolutely no contradiction in what may at first appear, contradictory.

A Free Being knows. It knows that it knows. It could be called the end result of 'knowing how to know'.

A Free Being isn't concerned about time, money, improving human living conditions, being right or being wrong or even being some specific being. None of these things matter.

What matters to a Free Being is it's connection to the state of 'Free Being'. When that happens, magic happens and the universe changes with delight. Things get done, motion is achieved and 'being' becomes a blessed event.

There is no greater state than that of 'Free Being'.

There are many ways to get there. There are many teachers who will help you to get there. But there is only one who can ensure that you will make it. That wonderful person is You.

'Free Being' is not a thinking state, not a state of playing god and not something that is given and taken away. It is the state of your entry into this universe and ultimately into the state the you have found yourself immersed in right Now. When the way has become lost, just follow the path back. You can't fail.

Don't follow the path that you 'think' will lead you to the ultimate prize, for you will surely fail. Following the path of 'knowing' and you will surely succeed.

I guarantee it, or your money back. :-)

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