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The Fear Of Change

The fear of change drives all sorts of behavior. From holding onto 'things' to fixating on thoughts, the fear of change requires the ability to locate and fixate. This is not an innate ability or 'talent' much desired by all, but a degradation... 30 Sep 2002

The Seven Hands Of Justice

According to some, the Galactic Patrol, arbiter and sole discretionary arm of the Council in Sector Nine, has seen better days. It is believed that the organization is nothing but an empty shell of it's once glorious self. As proof of this, it... 23 Sep 2002

What Is A Free Being?

A Free Being, is one who is FREE to BE anything at all. That statement may seem innocuous and trite, but in fact, it means a great deal. In some circles, the term 'Free Being' could be said to have a deep, deep meaning. What is considered... 27 Aug 2002

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