The Seven Hands Of Justice

According to some, the Galactic Patrol, arbiter and sole discretionary arm of the Council in Sector Nine, has seen better days. It is believed that the organization is nothing but an empty shell of it's once glorious self. As proof of this, it is pointed out that most of it's goals and intents have been way-sided or even dispelled completely. It appears as if all that it has left is it's bark. And so, it becomes disregarded and ill favored.

In some circles this is true.

In other circles, objective perception reveals an entirely different picture. It reveals a picture of unshakable intent irrespective of time, place, form or event. In other words, it's fascination with eternity belies the appearance of inactivity during current times of inquisitiveness.

As civilizations come and go, as the armies on the battle plains repeatedly fight the same battle over and over again, the mountains remain fixed over time, ignored by all and discounted of importance. Much in the same way as other life on this planet is regarded. But that is the microcosm.

It is true that individuals in the Galactic Patrol come and go. It is also true that many, many more individuals in the Galactic Patrol remain ever true to the ideals and purposes as set forth when they first stepped over the threshold of entry in that organization. In fact, for most, there is no other life to live. For how can there be when Truth and Being, become one.

Every so often, during particular times of travail, whether within or without, certain processes are set in motion. These processes, rarely revealed, begin and continue their work unceasingly. In the Game of Life, life takes shape and form. And makes itself known.

Among these particulars, there is what is called the Seven Hands of Justice. There is some question as to whether or not there really are seven individuals which compose the name, but there is no question as to whether or not it exists. Time has a way of etching importance on itself.

What is the purpose of the Seven Hands of Justice? It remains unclear, but what is clear is that as the forerunner of certain past events, it carries a particular air about itself. It could be likened to sniffing the air for danger. When it arrives, it becomes too late for redemption.

This universe is a kind, gentle universe. It provides darkness where darkness is sought. It provides kinship and loving equanimity when those are sought. And when Justice is required, it provides this as well.

Justice can be considered as that which sets the record straight. Ironing out the curves of anguish, the road becomes smooth once again under one's feet. In the search for that kinship and loving equanimity, a smooth road is welcomed indeed.

Does the Seven Hands of Justice really exist? As mentioned, for those that have had exposure, time has etched it's importance. This is not to say that the importance has importance, for it does not. What is important is that ALL are given the chance to fully play the Game of Life and not to succumb to those who wish to stop time. Change is inevitable. Holding on to fixed stations of Life pains the Spirit. In it's wisdom of release, it seeks to once again become what it already is. A Free Being.

You don't create a Free Being. You create the path back home. Making the road smoother is something that any caring Being would gladly do for another, no matter the personal cost.

What better way to make the road smooth than to call out the road builders?

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