The Truth About

It’s true, Mike Hunsaker is the one who was responsible for maintaining the web site for a time. When that time was over he created the sibling site spawned

But there is more to the story.

Instead of creating his new web site from scratch, he took almost all of the pages and files of and placed them on his site, calling them his own. That sometimes happens when the kids move out. They take their favorite objects. Mike didn’t ask for permission to take wholesale and claim it as his own on his new site. But kids, when they begin to grow up, can sometimes become unruly. That’s OK.

It’s no secret that Mike was told, when he announced his plans of moving out, that the form and layout of was not his to take. He took them anyway. The site which took years to build became looted overnight. Sometimes, unruly kids will take by force prized and coveted objects. But that’s OK.

On the bottom of the pages of there is a little tag that tells about the copyright of In his bold attempt at claiming authorship, Mike removed these tags thereby staking claim to’s material.

It is no secret that much of the ‘FreeZone’ material on is from various authors and sources. These are NOT the works of BUT the form and layout, along with the graphics involved, ARE the works of Not Mike Hunsaker, but’s creator Paul Misiunas.

Now you may ask what occurred that started all this trouble? What happened to push Mike into taking the sort of actions that he has?

The answer is simple. has always remained unbiased towards the various Scientology and ‘FreeZone’ clearing material that it placed on it’s site. In order to keep in check the various income-producing individuals and their created organizations, the site remained completely neutral to those particulars. It had to in order to truthfully state that spiritual growth is of importance. NOT some particular person’s idea of that concept. Spiritual growth is the prime concern.

When Mike accepted the job of maintaining, he was fully aware of the above.

As time went on, Mike become less and less interested in maintaining The main page of the site looked almost exactly as I had left it and the only major new material was from Tommy Thompson’s organization.

Wait a minute.

Why would Mike allow Tommy’s organizational bulletins and policies to be placed on Why would Mike break the neutrality of and side with Tommy’s FZAOLA organization? Why did that organization become of greater importance than any of the other organizations that were out in the ‘Free Zone’?

The answer is that Mike had become “Dissem Sec” for Tommy. That means that he became the marketing arm for Tommy’s organization. And to reward Mike for hosting FZAOLA’s material, Tommy audited Mike for free. Services were exchanged. had been bought and Mike became a biased representative.

What he should have done is to relinquish his position with, but he did not. And so I resumed control of the site not wanting to degenerate into a self serving web site.

This is the reason that Mike became upset and took the entire site, the name ‘FreeZone America’ and setup up his own shop.

But don’t let the appearance of my pages on his site fool you. Mike remains biased and in the employ of Tommy Thompson’s FZAOLA. His neutrality and integrity are no longer questionable. His actions have revealed his intent. has returned to once again becoming unbiased. There may be material on the site that you find disagreeable and there may be material on the site that you find agreeable. Either way, the site remains unbiased and free of hidden intentions. You get what you see. You will not get hidden agendas, people in the shadows or self-serving intent. You will get the open and honest truth. And from there, anything is possible. is Mike Hunsaker’s site, representing Tommy Thompson’s FZAOLA, ICAUSE and who knows how many other store fronts. They are all connected and intertwined, each reflecting some aspect of it’s leader and each building upon the other. is Paul Misiunas’ site representing the idea of the Free Zone as originally intended by Captain Bill Robertson and set forth in the “Free Zone Decree”. There is absolutely no monetary gains involved whatsoever. That’s the nice thing about spiritual growth - it’s an innate right that is not for purchase or sale.

When some people redefine the term ‘Free Zone’ as being something other than that which was originally intended, another term comes to mind. Squirrel.

A squirrel alters intents to suit it’s own needs. It happened in the Church. It has already happened in the ‘FreeZone’.

Whatever you do, don’t alter your own intent of spiritual growth. Being ever vigilant is coming to know the truth when you see it. Not someone else’s IDEA of truth, but THE truth.

Being biased in the understanding of that truth is what makes the kids leave the house with their most coveted objects.

30 Dec 2002


This document is provided for historical purposes only. With the materials of FZA.ORG now being freely available to all, Mike’s unauthorized use of them is superfluous.

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