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The Case Of The Spreading Disease

Way back when I first started up a Discussion Forum here on FZA, no one else in the so-called ‘Scientology’ circle had the same idea. The Discus program, now called “DiscusWare” has, on their web site, a slogan that says “Powering Web… 26 Feb 2004


Let’s face it, the ‘FreeZone’ is just full of individuals who ENJOY going at each other constantly and consistently. The ‘FreeZone’ is a poor substitute for the Church of Scientology and the Church of Scientology itself is a poor substitute for… 10 Jan 2003

A Layman's Guide to the 'FreeZone'

This Guide is a work-in-progress.05 Oct 2002

The Truth About Freezoneamerica.org

It’s true, Mike Hunsaker is the one who was responsible for maintaining the fza.org web site for a time. When that time was over he created the sibling site freezoneamerica.org. Fza.org spawned freezoneamerica.org. But there is more to the… 23 Sep 2002

FZA Timeline

It’s funny how events happen in the way that they do, at the time they do. If you have ever believed in coincidence, perhaps this would be a good time to renew your desire of examination. When Virginia stopped posting to the old forum, Hilton… 08 Nov 2001

I Respect Your Desire for Peace However...

This posting was made to one of the old Forums here at FZA.ORG and needs little in the way of explanation. Poster: misiunasDate: Mon Nov 05, 2001 8:14 pm#——————-#Subject: “I respect your desire for peace however fza will… 05 Nov 2001

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