Let's face it, the 'FreeZone' is just full of individuals who ENJOY going at each other constantly and consistently. The 'FreeZone' is a poor substitute for the Church of Scientology and the Church of Scientology itself is a poor substitute for coming to understand the term "knowing how to know" which is the nexus of the religion of Scientology as it was originally created.

The Church of Scientology is geared towards acquiring. Acquiring paying pc's is the full time endeavor. Unfortunately, this viewpoint tends to create a large amount of bodies - bodies in and bodies out, of the front door.

The 'FreeZone', itself endeavoring to capture a piece of the pie, looks as well at acquiring capital investment via the bodily form. Where in the Church of Scientology there is directed command, in the 'FreeZone' you will most likely see directed misdirection where everyone has their own 'idea' of how things "should be".

Not only that, but it is an acceptable practice in the 'FreeZone' to "investigate" and to "research" anything and everything in existence. In other words, there is no end in sight to the Bridge to Total Freedom. In the 'FreeZone' the Bridge to Total Freedom seems to have undergone construction and has had an "extension" built onto it.

If you don't believe me, just do a little reading of the various 'FreeZone' "authoritarian" writings that can be found on the Internet. After a while you will clearly see a pattern of the abuse of Scientology and it's principals.

There are some that feel the need to "take Scientology further". There are also some who feel that a lot of holes exist in that same philosophy and seek to "fix" the subject. But these scenarios are not all that unusual. It is historically correct to state that any philosophy which has come along has always been a target for "do-gooders". It's the "do-gooders" who are the ones who are most dangerous to ANY spiritual philosophy that has ever come about.

"Do-gooders" present themselves as just innocent people trying to "help".

The subject of Scientology doesn't need "help". It doesn't need "fixing", "extending", altering or "researching". What it needs is to be understood - fully understood just the way that it was meant to be.

If one were to fully understand this subject, where would the need be to "fix" the road for others? If the subject were fully realized there would be NO need of creating alterations in an attempt at understanding what is.

The road out is the road out. Why the heck is the 'FreeZone' busy "fixing" a road that has already been paved smooth?

One of the reasons that the 'FreeZone' charges for auditing is for the same reason that the Church of Scientology does. Competition with the world's palm readers, psychiatrists, fortune tellers and economists. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. The money pie.

If you want a good paying job, go get one.

If you want spiritual freedom, then why not be serious about it?

Selling spirituality for cash means that no spirituality will be imparted. (That is not quite true, but perhaps you get the point.) That would definitely be called "mixing practices".

Thetans have been busy acquiring "things" since the beginning of time. Look where it has gotten the lot. Spirituality is not a "thing" to be acquired, but something to be freely given and recieved.

When something is given from the heart, it will always be true. When it is given, in measure to what is received in the purse, then it can never BE given for it does not exist on it's own otherwise.

Wouldn't it be amazing if the 'FreeZone' were able to provide auditing by voluntary contribution? There are always those who complain about "overhead" and people needing to be paid, but that emphasis is backwards. I would much rather receive auditing from someone who is an effect of their environment, then from someone who is an effect of their own imagination.

"If you built it, they will come."

If you charge for it, then like any other business, it must be marketed and what is marketing but "white" propaganda? "Black" or "white", propaganda is just an attempt at covering up a lie. Creating public opinion is the same.

Selling goods to which everyone is entitled is called suppression of magnitude and this is what you will see in the 'FreeZone'. One auditor, through various means, will claim that they are 'better' than another. One group, through various means, will claim that THEY are the one's to which 'power' should be flowed. Competition, no matter the subject, introverts all those involved.

The Free Zone was created, not to allow competition to occur, but to drive out competition. The Free Zone was created to separate those who wish to use spirituality for their own ends, and those who wish to extend that spirituality on a higher level, for all.

I hereby state that I am for extending spirituality on a higher level, for all. Not charging some arbitrary "value of worth" for it, and neither wanting nor desiring recompense.

If you wish, your voluntary contribution towards those ends would be welcome - not with a physical demonstration, but with one of a spiritual nature. You see, that is what it is all about - the spiritual nature of Man.

What else could possibly matter?
What else could even come close?

If you've had a taste of it, you will know what I mean. If you haven't, you will. And the funny thing is that as it is freely received, it is freely given.

You get what you pay for.

I've paid for auditing and I've received auditing under the contract of that payment. Sometimes, you have to pay someone to have them reveal themselves and with others the depth of insight comes in complete disregard to any form of payment.

If you think that you can buy your way out of your own Hell, you are mistaken. No one will get you out of that Hell but you, yourself. And if you are so inclined, open up a new savings account and start paying yourself for moving up the Bridge, and when you finally get to where it is that you think you should be, give it all away to someone who "needs" it. Or better yet, give it all to charity.

Need creates desire. If you have a need to pay someone to get you to see yourself for who or what you really are, then perhaps a desire in someone will be created whereby they will feel completely at ease in convincing you to part with your money, in which case you will gladly do just that.

If you lack, you will seek for all Eternity to "fill" or "fix" that lack. When you do not lack, it's amazing at what can be found right before you, all day, every day.

Best of all - it's free for the taking.


* Here, the 'FreeZone' is being used a small example of the dichotomy of the Free Zone concept. As in anything else, pairs of opposites point the way to what lies beyond both. Sometimes, attention must be directed beginning at the level being addressed and then moved to where it is that it needs to go.

* Additionally, please note the differences between 'FreeZone' and Free Zone. There is quite a huge difference between the spelling as well as definition.

* Ideally, I would much rather direct attention purely along the Free Zone concept lines, but alas, that is not to be. Perhaps it never will be. In either case, I continue to present data as it needs to be presented, in the areas so concerned.

* Lastly: At one time, I sought voluntary monetary contributions in support of the FZA.ORG web site. Looking back I find it interesting that the only contribution I ever received was from Mike Hunsaker for $50.00. It's funny how things work out. Later, Mike became the webmaster of FZA.ORG and later yet received my entire Scientology library, E-meter and all, free of charge (yes, he did pay $100.00 in shipping costs).

Even though Mike received 'free' auditing from Tommy Thompson for supporting Tommy's organization via the FZA.ORG web site when Mike was it's webmaster, I do not view that situation in a negative way. It was, and still is, a grand example of how when arbitraries are introduced, things just go awry. Even though Mike is no longer affiliated with Free Zone America, the lesson he left behind is of value in many ways.

Free Zone America, and myself, fully and completely support the Free Zone concept - openly, honestly and with no other intention than one of expanding spirituality along the dynamics.

Additional Notes

Perhaps you've had the opportunity to experience the concept that I am putting forth here. As an example, perhaps you, yourself, have stopped to help another motorist with a flat tire and upon being handed monetary compensation, you refused saying that instead of payment, perhaps the driver will pass on the good favor to another in their time of need.

That is the Free Zone concept. In the time of need, space is created to allow spiritual fruition to occur if that is individually so desired. The physical means of doing that are secondary, while the intent is supreme. To that end the bounds of competition have no place here.

We are not competing for the soul of Man. We are creating space for spiritual unfoldment and directing attention towards that unfoldment. Without compensation, spiritual awareness is freely given and received and then finally, acknowledged.

No value can be placed upon spiritual awareness other than by arbitrary means. Arbitraries have crippled the Church of Scientology and continues to leave the 'FreeZone' in shambles. The Free Zone exists as a reminder that without arbitraries, spiritual awareness may be diligently pursued even in the face of 'competition'.

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