Eating Out With Egg On Our Face

Walking the streets in our confident stride, we survey our environment with an inquiring eye, always looking out for number one. Number one is THE most important one is it not? All else comes a-calling, knocking on our door to seek entry to our most inner chambers of comfort and security. "Do you know the way?" comes the oft-repeated phrase.

Shaking our head in denial, we let no one enter for here, it is our domain and our's alone. None may enter for our secrets may become revealed and in that, there is much terror and fright. "Be gone beggar. You shall not find something to steal away with here". Looking out across the vast expanse of what lies beyond us, we see and seek whatever we may wish for, always knowing that from house to house we must go, stealing away what we must in order to 'go free'.

In the mirror of life, all that looks upon us, is our own interpretations. Balancing hopes and dreams and packaging them all neatly, we have come to expect no less from anyone else. The beggar is merely ourselves seeking.

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