Here's a tidbit:

Some people exposed to 'confidential' materials, or even to materials above their 'case' level, have died.

Some people, when exposed to the automobile, have died.

Therefore, I am going to cloak the combustion engine in secrecy and no longer allow it's use within the public domain. The combustion engine has been responsible for an enormous amount of deaths - not only deaths, but dismemberments too! It should be held back from the public view 'for their own good'.

I'm right, I know I am.

To further cement my case: the automobile, when used in the wrong hands, has caused death, mayhem and outright intimidation - on a large scale. It's a dangerous weapon, and to think that the combustion engine is responsible just burns me up.

So now I would like the entire planet to stand up for their rights and demand secrecy. The combustion engine MUST be taken away from the public's eye. Shrouded in mystery, in should join the likes of that which has already earned a place on the shelf of neglect.

While we are at it, let's also gather up every scrap of 'confidential' material that we can find and cloak it too, in secrecy.

Governments have a right to 'protect their interests'. So too, do implanters, spiritual shysters and the entire spectrum of religions and religious beliefs. What the heck, let's even put all the spiritual 'money-takers' in the shadows too. Organizations should also enjoy that protection, after all, it's a dangerous, dangerous, environment out there.

It seems everyone is looking for death, so let's provide a 'safe' and 'sane' environment by burning every book there is, banning every philosophical idea in existence and generally keeping a 'lid' on things.

While we are it, let's promote those things which encourage the 'safe' and 'sane' utopia that we all, deep down, really want anyway. Forget about 'confidential' materials. Why waste your 'time' on them when you can have TV! Why waste good ideas on there being something more to life when we can gossip and chit-chat to no end, and do it day in and day out.

Yes, the combustion engine has to go.

Yes, confidential materials have to go too.

You would agree too - you wouldn't want to take the chance that someone would get hurt would you?1

  1. Note: This article first appeared with the follow-up comment Better Dog Chow

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