Standing On The Edge Of Doom

The past comes alive within us. We search and seek answers to questions which we are barely aware of. What drives us to the edge of mortality, only to extend our reach yet again. Looking within each moment of time, we see Ourselves and we see what we are not, covering up our ignorance with knowledge.

Standing at the threshold of greatness, our images dissolve in splendor as we watch Life unfold before us. How is it that we watch, yet are completely at it's mercy? Surrendering our images in the hopes of reaching some unknown destination, we laugh at our own folly. Yet nothing changes as we continue to "grow" in our "spiritual" quest of Eternity.

Looking below us we see the pit of death, and become that pit. Around us, we seek our environment to be acceptable and yet we falter in our understanding of what it is that we are actually controlling. Illusions of ourselves are every bit a part of reality as is our imagination. Doom is the escape we seek from ourselves. The edge, becomes the desire to bend ourselves in ways not though of before.

The "before" is everlasting and the future has already passed us by. Standing in a moment of time, it becomes all of eternity in which the now of time is forever.

Time floats by us as we refuse to acknowledge ourselves, busying ourselves with anything and everything. Whatever it takes to escape, we will surely have done many times. The edge of doom destroys ourselves and frees us from our self imposed bonds. Where else is there to go, if not somewhere other than here?

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