Entertaining Bliss

How is it that we become so enamored of our states, ideas and thinking process? How is it that when we pursue and embrace our hopes and dreams we apparently find great comfort and peace? Is this too, illusionary or do we really find what we are looking for?

There is an easy way to discern if one has indeed found what one is looking for. It can be simply stated as: If our looking ends when we find whatever it is that we are looking for, then we are finished. There will be no more looking.

But, when we have found the certain thing to which our search has been attended, and thus achieving it move our search to another object, it is then that the obvious becomes apparent - we are looking for the wrong thing; we have defined our search narrowly and without focus. In other words, we come to be blinded by our own wishes and so we do what all blind men do, we stumble and fall in the Dark.

Without a clear understanding of ourselves how is it that we can even come close to ending our search. It is not only impossible to be completely at peace with one's self, but we cannot even find peace in any idea we may have of ourselves when we hold fast to thoughts, ideas and concepts. This Universe is based upon these three things, but we are not.

But we are not.

When we undergo the transformation of searching for what it is that we think we should find and thus seek anew, we not only move away from ourselves but we also alienate life. In this out of touch situation finding anything, much less ourselves, comes to be nigh impossible. We cannot recognize our reflection when we busy ourselves with looking and immersing ourselves in some thought which we create for our own benefit. Can madness be far behind?

Breaking away from our own grasp is merely the allowance of letting the thought of ourselves go, completely free and unencumbered. Of what use can our own self image be to that which contains it? Whatever you think you are, you are. Whatever you think you are not, you are. Whatever you think, you already are. So where does thinking get you?

Out of the maelstrom we call ourselves all appears - and disappears. Why would one let a simple thought get in the way of that? Why would one deny existence in order "to be". Being is subordinate to that which it derives it's state or condition from.

It's strange how so many individuals engage in tremendous effort to improve and clarify their "beingness". In this way, all that is accomplished is the solidification of the thought we have of ourselves. And so, it can be truthfully said that we are not who or what we think we are. Whatever thought, idea or concept which we may entertain on or about ourselves is completely wrong and therefore a lie. When we become so enmeshed in the idea and ideas we hold on and about ourselves we do nothing but come to live a full and meaningless life, all for completely naught when the body which we call home falls away from us without a care for what we are to do then.

When we run with fright, seeking for another life to live, we find it and so undertake another useless adventure in life and living. Running aimlessly without a clue, we shall always stumble and fall waiting for someone to save us. But alas, no one can save us from ourselves, only we can do that. All it takes is to remain at peace in the illusion of doingness.

Isn't it strange to hear that nothing needs to be done?

Isn't it strange to entertain a concept which calls for the dissipation of one's beingness? If that isn't a scary proposition then perhaps there is more to you than meets the eye.

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