Seeing Beyond The ThunderDome

We come to a new place, seeking answers to questions that drive us mad. Within us, burns the desire to "know". Believing that knowing is the ultimate form of self-aggrandizement, we align ourselves with those who can impart their "wisdom", "insight", and "know-how" to us. We are empty and seek fulfillment. All we have, are the problems with which we entertain ourselves with as we seek "The One".

Looking is not the same as finding. Finding is not the same as having. Having is a poor substitute for what we already are. If you could "have", you will surely "not-have". Where is the balance to be brought?

Religion places oneself in the position of "want" with the promise of "have". With these two opponents, battling for supremacy, peace will never be known. Tossing and turning in the nightmares of our own choosing, we wish for it all to magically "go away". It will never leave as long as the "want" remains. All that is accomplished, is diminishing our "have", but the "want" refuses to be subjugated and reappears as always.

Curing the "want", cures the "have".

Many people firmly believe that they are not their bodies, yet as they continue to take advantage of the excesses of life, where is the conviction? Shallow at best, along with the understanding of the body concept in a spiritual framework.

The ThunderDome was created for our own benefit. You are the gladiator, willingly doing battle against an imagined foe. What will you do when you see the face you know so well?

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