First Assignment

Congratulations on successfully managing your training period. You are now ready to carry out your First Assignment.

On-Planet Procedures And Protocols

An Officer is expected to honor all appropriate customs, laws, and codes of conduct.

There WILL be times when these local duties contradict and oppose the duties and requirements of being an Officer. There WILL be times when a fellow Officer has taken a position in direct opposition to your own. These are the times that will test your ethical and moral nature and will clearly define, to yourself, your own tendencies and desires.

An Officer ALWAYS stands firm in their ethics and justice training, in opposition or otherwise.

Assignment Duties

You must fulfill your duties in order for an assignment to be considered complete. Do not be waylaid by undertaking additional self-appointed tasks despite the urge of 'just cause'. Assignments are ALWAYS multi-faceted. For that reason alone, do not sway from your on-planet duties and responsibilities. Intent alone can only carry you through if that IS your intent.

Timed Response

Although a First Assignment is not keyed to time constraints, expirations are in place.

Rank And Promotion

A First Assignment is the second Test of Nature in your career as an Officer. Due status is awarded upon completion.

Closing Remarks

Your assignment is not a drill or a proving ground. It is an actual mission with a purpose and purposes. As an Officer, you are expected to remain an Officer.

Assignments ALWAYS operate in consideration of Man.

May time be your enemy and your intent, your foe.

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