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Codes, Creeds and Unknown Agents

The Codes Of A Loyal Officer is a good beginning and yet the story unfolds to a much greater degree beyond such simplicity. We are all soldiers dancing to the tune of our puppet masters as they pull the strings of power and prestige. If you... 27 Jul 2022

First Assignment

Congratulations on successfully managing your training period. You are now ready to carry out your First Assignment. ... 11 Mar 2003

The Changing Of The Guard

The guard always changes. It's a requirement that posts become 'refreshed' over time. Even when someone is doing well on a post, after a while it becomes critical that change take place - for many reasons. Sometimes, there are beings that remain... 11 Feb 2003

My Final Answer To The Question...

My final answer to the question: WHAT IS THE FIRST CODE OF A LOYAL OFFICER?... 16 Nov 2002

The Nobility of Being an Officer

After the Wall of Fire, there were a number of Officers who became disoriented, confused, bodiless and more importantly, introspective. It has come to be called The Sleep of Forgetfulness and there are a number of different reasons for the... 22 Nov 2001

Basic Training

_"Wake up soldier!"_"What are you? A pawn or a thetan with a attitude!" Playing the pawn, there is no need for desire, drive or initiative. There is only the following of orders always coming down the pike, to do or not do something, to... 10 May 2001

Officer Duty

I am going to continue my rant, but in a different valence. If none of this makes any sense, then pls just ignore it. This sector is currently in an upheaval. Various factions, even though previously united to some degree, are in the process of... 28 Aug 2000

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