Basic Training

"Wake up soldier!"
"What are you? A pawn or a thetan with a attitude!"

Playing the pawn, there is no need for desire, drive or initiative. There is only the following of orders always coming down the pike, to do or not do something, to carry out some unknown agenda, to attain some goal laid down as law. Pawns follow directives. That's it. There is nothing wrong with being a pawn because pawns are invaluable as throw-away pieces. It's true that a few survive, but generally, there is only one thing that pawns are used for. The front lines. They take the beating so that the 'important' pieces can carry the day.

There is nothing wrong with being a pawn. All it takes to be one is to have the ability to follow orders. Nothing else is required.

Sometimes, pawns get smart, all on their own. When this happens, they are sent to Basic Training. This is where the real fun begins. The pawn learns how to become an 'important' piece.

Scientology, and all of it's off-shoots, could be considered to be basic training for pawns. It is where the pawn first begins to expand it's horizons and look beyond the next knoll to overtake in battle. During this training the pawn begins to understand what it is that makes a pawn a pawn and exactly what it is that makes a thetan with an attitude dangerous.

Basic Training requires specific procedures and results to be achieved and followed. You can't get to the Officer's Quarters without going through the door first. You have to have the right keys and the right markings to get inside and you will never get those keys and markings without undergoing the proper training. Proper training is not creating your own exercise program and going to the gym to carry it out. Proper training is best achieved from those who have previously been trained. Would you like to have your tonsils removed by a Librarian? Maybe you would consider removing your own tonsils based upon what you have heard and read. Of course, both of these options would be foolish and just plain stupid.

The responsibility of removing the rank of pawn and replacing it with the rank of 'Special Officer' is best left to those who know what it is that must be done - in spite of what YOU may think. Remember, pawns don't think, but Officers do!

Complete your Basic Training now - that is, if you have already completed your Pawn training.

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