You Are The Answer

The hope, the dream, the bittersweet memories of our long good-byes. can the soul of our efforts be so very far behind? With emptiness we greet each new day and yet long for the cup which overflows with desire unbounded.

Reaching and grasping we begin to understand that the thoughts we own become our world. The universe trembles in delight at each of our passing fancies. Nothing remains to look after us, nothing remains to venture forth into the unknown.

Content, our thoughts take shape and form. Viewing our pleasures we begin to degrade in which the entirety of existence becomes all that is. Have we arrived yet?

Yearning for release, we take flight, only to discover there is no returning from whence we have come. Losing ourselves, we forget ourselves, yet the reality remains.

This is why there can be no searching, no discovering, no places to go which hold the key to our so-called plight. Remain as you are, be still. Hear the echoes of nature call and respond not, for there can be no response to your own natural urge.

Within our realms of delight we dance to the tune of the Father. Joyfully, we remain ever faithful to the One. What comfort, what joy to relinquish that which we do not own.

Releasing ourselves from Ourselves brings a tear of joy to the eye of any child's father. Be still and know that the concepts that become most burdensome are those which must be released by no other. You are the answer to the question of 'you'.

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