Perceptual Beliefs

The essence of ourselves is the beliefs which we hold so dear. Coloring our universe, we see.

What we see, we believe. To know of our existence is but another belief. As beliefs are lies, then what lies ahead for us? Lies and beliefs mean little in perspective.

The universe in which we are the masters of, contain little else than the essence of ourselves. There is no other being in this universe than the "I" which knows of the totality of its’ existence. We survive as the remnants of our own desires. Nothing else matters for the simple reason of non-existence. Nothing else lives.

We perceive, yet we cannot know. The knowledge we seek are nothing but crumbs on the table, inviting us for a fuller meal. There is no meal to devour, only temptation. "Lead us not into temptation..."

Mind food fulfills its’ own desire. It neither nourishes nor creates growth. The illusion is complete; there is no where to go, nothing to do and no one to share it all with. All that is left is what was in its’ own image.

We are all gods, and slaves to those very same gods. Our lives are neither directed nor given free reign. Our masters deny us the freedom we yearn to discover. As slaves we command the very nature of the master which encompasses all and yet remains aloof and transparent, as its’ offspring. The death of existence and birth of enlightenment as mere shadows against the illusionary wall of reality.

I am because. Call me what you will, it changes nothing. Reality is neither the dream we hope for nor the life to live for redemption. It Is as we are. Nothing.

Feel the pain of bodily existence. The pain is real as is the sorrow of never-ending existence. Escaping mortality is no easy feat.

The pain is real. Feel it and let it overcome and overpower yourself. You are nothing but the effect of all causality. All effort is merely the wasteful energy expended on hope. Hope is the deniability of the present. As immortality becomes unbearable, where will you go? What will you do?

Welcome to the present, where the actors and actresses are all in full dress eagerly playing separate roles and wondering if acceptability will be acknowledged. It is all almost too much to hope for.

Seeking is not finding. Where do you wish to go in order to seek further? How much more seeking must be accomplished before it becomes realized that going nowhere is no better than acceptance?

There is only one way to Fall from Grace, but there are many ways to capture it. The Dance of Creation entices us all to flow with its’ serenity. Do you feel the magic?

The ebb and flow of All There Is, is all there is. Catch the Wave.

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