Out Of The Fire...

The term 'implanters' covers a large territory that is quite varied in it's scope. Implanters range from those who pro-actively seek to 'reign in' deviant behavior to those few who just have some good 'ole fun doing it. The entire range of these activities could be considered to be 'sub-survival' and not in the best overall interests of those who are immersed within the grand play called "the physical universe".

Are you having fun playing? Probably not and that is exactly the reason why escaping this universe via the first flight out is so desirable to many people. Yes, it is possible to exit this universe and enter the next and yes, it is more enjoyable than this one, but that does not mean that you should go. Believe me, it is far better in the long run to remain where you are and to create a sane environment, even if that sane environment goes no further than your front door, than it is to bug out and ignore the pain and suffering that completely overwhelms so many people here in this universe. If you cannot handle this universe, you will not be able to handle the next, when it too, eventually degrades.

Rising up to meet the challenge, even if that rising requires personal sacrifice and hardship, is a far, far better activity than to turn a blind eye to what you have left behind. The reason that ghosts haunt a castle is that there remains an unresolved item for them. Your ghosts will be no different.

Studying, researching, and coming to understand what an implanter is and the roles in which they partake is critical to your future well being. You can't get to second base unless you understand what it is that must be done with the first base.

You WILL survive this universe, no matter what. The question remains: In what condition would you like to find yourself when you eventually wake up?

Implanting, whether it is accomplished from a malevolent or benevolent position, must be fully understood before true change can occur. Others can provide that impetus for you, but eventually, you must embrace the hand of fate and call it your own. Your destiny awaits you, are you ready to meet the challenge?

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