Station 16

There are quite a few implant stations in this universe and the basis for their distribution lies in specific agendas being addressed and carried out. Station 16 is no different in it's general construction from other stations but like each and every station, it has a unique goal in which the operators endeavor to fulfill. Actually, the command chain requires regular concrete results to be reported up stream on an irregular basis, but this is another facet that deserves it's own report.

Where is Station 16 located? It is located in this solar system. If you were to take a good look at trying to localize it's existence, you would see that part of the technology employed at the Station, and most other ones for that matter, demonstrate the employment of waving reflection. The purpose of this technology is to redirect attention to an entirely different, purposefully selected, location. The Station appears to be somewhere else. Looking at the Station another time, it will appear to be in a totally different place. This creates the desired effect of saying that the Station is just 'out there'. It cannot be pinpointed. From the Station Locational guidelines, this is step number 2 in the technology employed as a subheading directly under 'Station Existence'. Number 1 is implantation of non-existence. Once the Station is actually located and pinpointed by the individual, Number 3 is employed: transfixation. Number 3 is actually the forerunner of Number 1 and the entire sequence repeats itself. Transfixation is where the individual, once they have located and pinpointed the Station, is 'locked on' with an electronic signal that sends a high frequency fluctuating energy beam which 'captures' the attention of the individual being addressed. Once the individual being addressed gets hit with this, the rest is by the book and a piece of cake.

This information is 'space opera' stuff, but why endeavor to look for it in the 'past' when it is just as easy to find it in the universe surrounding you at this very moment in time.

The world we live in is more amazing than you could possibly imagine...

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