Riding The Moon Beams

Waves and emanations originate and terminate. They come from somewhere and they go to a place of extinction. This is really very obvious by just about any standard, but let's see if I can take it just a bit further.

In order to view waves and emanations you must be, to at least some small degree, the effect of the wave and emanation being viewed. It doesn't really matter whether you are in the line of fire or an innocent bystander, it hits you just the same. The wave and/or emanation then either continues on it's merry way or it terminates at the effect point - which in the current scenario, is you. Either way, you become the effect and find yourself immersed within the experience. You become what you view. Or do you...

The effect of the wave/emanation becomes instantaneously 'overwhelming'. You find yourself viewing your environment differently, and yet it feels as if nothing is different. Your view changes because of directed attention. You have placed your attention differently and this is the way that waves and emanation 'trick' you into shifting viewpoints.

It all basically comes down to tricking the thetan into believing something else. This is the basis for implants and a whole variety of 'tools of the trade'. The only thing wrong with an implant is that you got tricked and now you don't know what happened. Tricky indeed!

Riding the moon beams is a term used to describe riding waves and emanations and not becoming fully immersed within their created effects. If there are no buttons, then there is no effect. Separating the cause from the effect becomes second nature.

Strange as it may seem, standing in front of an oncoming locomotive, nothing happens.

For the physically challenged: please don't try this at home. You know the phrase - "stuff happens!".

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