The Seven Gates Of Hell

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The Seven Gates of Hell (affectionately called :) )

At a particular period of time there became established here on this planet seven portals which later came to be called the Seven Gates of Hell. (This term is actually used in an affectionate way, but it didn't start out that way.) These 'gates' could be considered to be 'portals', 'doors' or even 'rips in the fabric of space'. The purpose of these gates is to travel from one reality, or dimension, to another. It makes traveling to other parts of the universe instantaneous which otherwise would be nearly impossible. Heightened speed, used by properly equipped ships, can, and do, enable travellers1 to cross vast expanses of space in a somewhat reasonable manner. In fact, this type of travel is looked upon much in the same way as using a cruise ship to cross the Atlantic Ocean. It's slow, offset by the wonderful amenities to assist the traveller in their discomfort.

Sometimes, the traveller just wants to get from point 'A' to point 'B' and be done with it. Extended time lapses in the journey are not acceptable and this is where the concept of 'Infinity Gates' became a reality. I should clarify that. It became a reality for only certain civilizations.

The technology for 'jump gates' is still mostly restricted to military uses, but more and more spot checks are revealing that this technology is being used beyond it's restricted boundaries. What does this demonstrate? It demonstrates that all hell will sooner or later be let loose. That 'hell', from a military standpoint, is unmoderated access to places and people and this makes some people very, very nervous.

There are a number of 'jump portals' on this planet which are used in a 'local' type of mode. Jumping around the planet is daily business for some, for others, it is a one way ticket to the end of the line. There is the mind set that only two alternatives exist in the purpose for these gates. One is strictly for military business and the other is for citizen control.

Wave-form technology creates the back bone for these 'doorways'. Electronic manipulation seems to be the underlying principal in which most civilizations operate. There is, of course, both a positive and a negative side to this movement, but overall, the electronics tend to back flush it's users and mostly creates a degradation of field mapping initiatives. In other words, expansion becomes morphed into selective fixation. That selective fixation then becomes the target for expansion. It's actually a very weird thing to observe, but it also demonstrates the process of each civilization's enhancement methodology, which varies only slightly from one to the next. Partially, the reason for this is also the carryover effect overlaid upon the observer.

How do you locate a 'doorway'? This is not always easy. Many times, the 'doorway' is obscured through the use of masking equipment. You can't always look for something, usually it is better to take a 'receptive' stance and evaluate the data as it comes. There are always anomalies. The problem is in assigning the correct assumption to those anomalies. Once you get the hang of doing this, there really isn't any problem in picking the 'doorway' out from the environment.

In past track incidents, these gates were many times used to impart a layer of confusion upon the citizen to help control any underlying implanted purposes. It was common to place the citizen in close proximity to the gate (there was a favored solitary gate in use for this) and allow the citizen to watch as thetans were passed to and fro through the gate. Sometimes with, and at other times without, bodies. As usual, both sides of the coin were being addressed with these types of incidents.

Both the directly observable effects of the gate and the indirect effects of the gate were used to full fruition. The types of lasting phenomena were: here, not here feeling; incomprehension; a 'pit' feeling in the stomach; military 'grunt' feeling (nonquestioning attitude, acceptance of conditions imposed); compulsive inspection of the mass of 'electronic' confusion that was 'helpfully' pointed out within one's own universe. There are a number of other byproducts of these types of incidents as well as many 'enhanced' versions as well.

If you find a 'gate', my suggestion is to at first, tentatively explore the area without getting too close. By this I mean getting pulled into the effects of the gate. It happens. It is also not overwhelming unless past incidents kick in. Look for the signs and you just might enjoy your new found freedom.

  1. the term 'travellers' is spelled correctly for these purposes. 

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