What Then, Shall You Do?

Beyond life, beyond death, the mortal door swings both ways. Ever longing for the afterlife the crack of humanity fills the void in it's ever increasing demand to be heard. Silently, the all encompassing solitude becomes overpowering in it's exuberance. Contemplating the shelf life I weep in horror as the promised goods can no longer live up to their potential. Effortlessly I remain unable to immobilize contemptuous thoughts in order to betray my position. Accepting defeat, I succumb.

Arising from the depths of despair, sorrow leaves it's mark of acceptance and releases the emptiness of the embodiment of being. Without form the function floats in it's effort of existence, striving to become the experience so eagerly devoured in the quest for intelligence. Nothing matters when the ignorant become the supreme rulers of logic and thought. There is only one way to go and it is paved with the corpse of humanity. Release me so that I may bind myself further.

Developmental attitudes destroy the affluence of enlightenment. The way is clear and must be destroyed. What then, shall you do?

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