Individuation, you've heard the term read about how disadvantageous it is to others, and to the individual themselves. As an alternative, I'd like to express a few alternatives myself. :-)

Individuation could be considered to describe a being that decides to remove themselves from the cause-effect principal in some specific area(s) of life and living. They wish, for some reason or another, to remain unattached and therefore unaffected by what is occurring around them - again, in some specific sphere of influence. The reasoning for this could be considered to be negatively and/or positively associated.

Individuation is actually a 'withdraw' in the 'reach and withdraw' concept. There is nothing wrong with that and there is also nothing wrong with balancing the inflow-outflow scale of measure. This is contrary to the idea of holding a position or location and doesn't address those issues that are involved with that concept.

How you view individuation will show the side of the coin on which you reside. Remember, this is looked upon as being neither a positive nor a negative factor.

Getting a thetan to align causes with your own usually requires stroking along with some sort of bait. "Come on, join us. We'll make it worth your while. You'll get a good salary." Stroking the thetan's ego inflates it and it will then, of course, go for almost any bait that you may provide. You are taking the thetan out of the equation and attempting to control it by using the things at which it is the most effect of.

Implanters love this stuff and can make the meek and mild sing and dance like there is no tomorrow. But this addresses an aspect of the thetan which, of course, has it's blessings, but it does not mean that the thetan will be happy about it. Most likely, it will resist the efforts of control, all the while signing and dancing just the way the implanter would want.

You don't draw out a thetan, you make a space for the thetan to reach into. It is not your choice which the thetan must follow 'for it's own good', but it's own choice whether it knows the 'right' choice or not. Believe me, the thetan knows exactly what it is doing.

Individuation must be allowed to run it's course. It always does, otherwise the fixed position becomes just the same as the one who is demanding otherwise. "There is no room for rigidity in the workplace!" :-)

Freedom is not for everyone, after all, what is freedom anyway and who are you to decide what the 'commonly accepted' definition is. All freedom is, is a balancing act. Freedom doesn't just happen and it is certainly not made. It occurs and that occurrence must be allowed to unfold into fruition for the thetan - whatever that fruition may be.

Whether freedom is free donuts for the rest of your life or believing yourself to 'be' some imagined picture, the result is the same. Individuation is the exploration of oneself. When you allow that to occur, you allow yourself the freedom explore your own boundaries.

Boundaries don't just happen, they are made, and sometimes all it takes is a little contemplation to give yourself another piece of the puzzle.

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