Something Out Of Nothing

In the beginning there was nothing. Then, there was something. Now, everyone is confused about whether there is actually something there, or if in reality, there is nothing. Seeing something takes no great skill, but seeing nothing is another matter entirely. For there to be something, nothing must be acknowledged. The something of nothing is something to behold!

But in spite of there being nothing to see, something exists and no matter the amount of effort that is placed into seeking, it just will not be found. Nothing will be there because the something that is sought will always be somewhere else. Wandering to and fro we make nothing out of something and something out of nothing. Then, being totally confused about what the hell is going on, we resolve ourselves to HAVE something because, after all, something is better than nothing.

So here we are, enjoying something out of nothing and having nothing in which we call something. Ultimately, we call it Freedom, but in reality it is called just another something. Reaching states of nothingness we attain the something we have always wanted. Too bad we have to start all over again. Wouldn't that be something? :)

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