The Flame of Desire

From the fire into the pan. Jumping here and there we seek to escape only to find ourselves no further ahead than before. How many times have we undertaken specific, well thought out actions, only to find that the end result was exactly the experience we were hoping to avoid. Do we dare call it 'destiny' in the realization that all our future actions are beyond our control? Do we dare call it 'fate' in which we comfort ourselves for the irresponsibility of our actions? Perhaps we refuse to even label the thoughts, actions and experiences beyond our 'control'. Things just happen.

Looking for escape is to enclose yourself within imaginary dreams and then to pretend that reality is in fact your dream, and not what is actually occurring around you. Falsifying records is a punishable offense.

The way out is not what you imagine it to be. Freedom does not bring you what it is you most wish for. Reality occurs not in which dreams are made, but in which realization occurs. Looking beyond your perception, without evaluation, brings to mind the existence of what is. The door is always open, pretending otherwise, escape is not an option.

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