The House That Jack Built

Long, long ago, there came to be a time called the Age of Enlightenment. This age of glory was much more than the attached title, it came to also be called the House That Jack Built. Who is Jack and what about the house that he built, what is that all about?

Well, Jack was one of those individuals that could look you in the eye and tell, without batting an eye, what lay in those dark recesses that is sometimes referred to as 'the closet'. He really wasn't a very popular fellow because, after all, who likes their skeletons to be revealed much less treated as if everyone knows about them. This he did, and he accomplished this without the egotistical nature of the common man being thrown in just for fun. In fact, he acted as if everything was already known about you and to top it all off, he seemed to be totally ignorant of the term 'hiding'.

Jack had this great idea that the House in which we cocoon ourselves, is the house that entraps us. In other words, we entrap ourselves. This was not a popular idea and a lot of people went way out of their way just to prove that Jack didn't have a clue. What always occurred during these scenarios was that the 'provers' turned out to be dead wrong.

The term 'Age of Enlightenment' described, at that time, the absolutely new, and outlandish, idea that instead of 'hiding' secrets, instead of capturing thoughts, concepts, actions, etc., in stead of doing these sorts of things, something else totally different could be accomplished and that there could be a great and glorious side benefit that could be experienced by all. That 'something else' turned out to be the idea of outflowing, instead of inflowing. This may seem simplistic and not very original, but at the time it was something completely unheard of.

It was not unheard of to 'outflow', and it was not unheard of to 'inflow'. What was unheard of was the idea that 'outflowing' could be considered to be a standard way of operating. Instead of gaining experience, collecting thoughts and emotions, and gathering theta particles, a thetan could outflow these things and never run out.

It really was a very strange idea, and to all intents and purposes, it remains that way today, but it also remains to be a very different and unique method of exploring Existence.

This universe, and many others as well, are used as a 'Creation Laboratory'. Outflow, outflow, outflow, is the motto. In effect, the desired result is inflow, inflow, inflow. That is what is desired. Taking the alternate route can prove to be quite interesting.

The House That Jack Built remains and shows very little sign of wear. It looks like it will be around just a bit longer than 'you' and 'me'. Not everyone likes the house that he built, but there must be something to it for it to survive to this day.

Enlightenment takes us beyond our imagined boundaries and with that exploration we find ourselves going where no man has gone before. I wonder if Jack is already there, waiting for us... :)

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