We Face Our Own Challenges

We face our own challenges, we learn to see our own mistakes, we strive to be all that we have imagined for ourselves. Creating the circus atmosphere, we breath deeply of the fun and excitement only to realize that our feelings, thoughts and desires are one and the same, all rooted in the same void we call home.

Leaving the comforts of our environment is rarely contemplated and even less imagined is existence without the boundaries of our own existence. Thoughts escape freely, but little else.

Reading the mind of Man, life is not to be enjoyed, lived or even endured. Existence requires us to be the stage actor, in full dress, constantly rehearsing and fine tuning our performance in perpetuity. The play must go on!

Seeing the demonstration of ourselves in everything we do, from the confluence of our destiny to the loneliness of our individuality, we weep with joy knowing that the bounds we break are the bounds we take. Seeking is the chain of hope and knowing is the destruction of non-existence.

Within ourselves we see. There is nothing else even when faced with our own imagination. Awake or in slumber we remain, flowing the same each and every new day.

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