A Daily Constitutional

Lacking in fortitude, we reach for the stars to belay our hopes and fears trusting in another place to easy our pain and suffering. Allowing ourselves to becomes overwhelmed with emotional content, we delve into our imagination to come up with something 'new'. Evermore, we cry in despair. The solitude within which we have placed ourselves encompasses the entirety of our meager existence, and beyond. Stretching, we reach the breaking point of desire and snap. Nothing remains as it once was other than within that same bag of tricks of where we pull all else from. It is new and grand, realizing that we know nothing. Remembering our past, our imagination works overtime. Freeing ourselves from our own entrapments keeps us entertained. Expanding our horizons, we gain more room in which to play. Creation fulfills space and the space we create expands for all eternity. Where else is it that dreams become reality?

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