Embracing Universal Action

I do not audit. I have no scn materials in my possession. I do not own or use an e-meter. I have no scn technical training to speak of. I am neither a member nor an associate of any group or organization. I do not study or follow any particular philosophy. I have no credentials nor talent and place no import on achieving power and prestige by myself or others. I go no where, see no one, and do even less.

These statements are true and factual.

Beyond these words, an altogether different scenario exhibits itself. It is within this realm that I am the Master and the Student, moving through Existence with purpose and intent. The immediacy of existence within the body's time frame is the dream world of which I embrace during the momentary blink of an eye while sleeping. Strange as it may seem, the commonly accepted definition of awake and dream are opposite in my reality. What the body does, the body does. The deeds within which I perform are subject to an entirely different set of 'rules'.

Embracing Universal action, time and effect are set aside in order that purpose and intent may live. Playing with conviction is the only way to play and winning leads to the same loss as those who lose. In between the space, in between the words, thoughts, ideas and concepts there is a life of which you will find me. I am always listening for the sounds of your arrival. Always seeking to ease your travels and to lighten the burden of the baggage you joyously carry with you wherever you go.

I know what occurs within and without this universe. I know the play which frequents the minds of the dweller who exist here and there in a whim of desire. Neither right nor wrong, all moves forward in a pace of which I participate. There is only one grand scheme in this universe and that schemer is you yourself. Within that mental mass we call 'home' lies the dust of aeons hiding the glare that is us. Revealing ourselves is not always easy but it is unavoidable. Why not just save yourself some 'time' and be who and what you really are from this day forward.

If this were Monopoly, you just received a card that says "Roll again."

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