Energy Transference

There is a theory of energy transference and it goes like this; the movement of energy, from source to object, creates affection and closes space. In this process, what is accomplished is not only the transference of one's own energy, but the transference of one's own attention as well. Energy is attention in motion. Getting someone or something to be like you creates motion and expectation. Postulating the desired effect of that attention is where problems take on paramount importance.

You wish for someone to agree with you and it comes to pass. Agreement requires disagreement and so, this too, comes to pass. Beyond the transference of energy and the polarity cycle of needs and desires, there is a method that is rarely used and even more rarely understood. Fortunately, understanding is not required in order to practice this method as it usually gets in the way anyway.

Instead of transferring one's energetic attention to objects that seem to exist everywhere, what one can do is simply accept the order of things and within that order create visions of grandeur. The magnitude of success is in direct proportion to the magnitude of cohesion in the natural world of the vision. Vision seems to be strange word, but since the term 'postulate', which has a direct relation to energy transference, it cannot be appropriately applied in this context.

Flowing with the current of 'time' could be another way of describing it, mastering the dynamics would be another. These of course, can only come close to describing the actuality of what a 'vision' is, but like so many states of being, coming close to understanding them is the best that we can do. There is little room for experiential ideas and concepts here.

Unlike a postulate where the fruits are reaped and enjoyed, there is a definite lack of experiential feedback in visions. A vision is a creation which Existence gladly puts into play. Playing a tune, the Dance of Life comes alive.

Knowledge is power and power is what drives postulates, agreements and motivation. These are base experiences upon which rests the struggle of life. There is more, a whole lot more to life than the effort of survival.

See also: Thought Transference.

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