Escape Is Not An Option

There are always turning points in our existence. They can range from a minor change in thought, to life changing experiences, but always they appear suddenly and without warning - or so it appears. Knowledge contains many components in which it's makeup takes refuge. In this refuge, we must deny the sight in which we have already been blessed. Blinded, we sometimes seek the turning points in our lives. We may even find relief in them.

The knowledge of turning points requires a futuristic approach. They are always in the future, awaiting the proper preparation and solicitousness of attitude. Possible futures always exist, as does the shake up of our own universes, but why wait? Why wait for some future imaginings when the future can be had at any time you so desire. Change is not exterior to yourself even though we may fool ourselves into believing otherwise.

Change comes from within and in that change the wave of alteration escapes our universe and seeks it's target through all time and space. Arriving, it's impact takes hold of us and throws us a curve. Change rearranges our universe into something unimagined, or so we believe.

Looking for outside influences to encourage shifts of awareness within yourself is misplaced attention. Nothing and no one can cause that shift within yourself, only you can. It may appear otherwise, but change can only come from within. You are the embodiment of change itself, why make less of it by pretending otherwise. Who is it that you wish to fool.

Escaping ourselves, we see ourselves for who and what we really are. No change occurs and yet the very fabric of time and space are torn apart in the understanding that is to come. What happens when you recognize the entirety of existence as your very own universe? Where could you possibly escape to then?

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