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In The Sands Of Time

Eventualities come and go and while some linger most resoundingly do not. There is no here to remain and purposefully so. Change is the name of the game. Wouldn't want the kids to get bored would we? While events come and go there are some... 28 Mar 2024

Backlighting The Background

There is so much happening in the so-called 'background'. If one were to fade to black then much would be revealed but with that comes responsibility. Not all appears as it is and though the stage is set and all the props and people are in... 01 Jul 2023

The Thought of Waking Up

A dream is a dream is a dream. No matter the time and effort poured into creating a reality within which one desires to immerse themselves within there still lies the problem of consequence. Nothing 'happens' in a vacuum and unfortunately... 21 Jun 2023

There Is No Freedom

Looking forward we see our reflection, blinding us in complete disregard. As we have lived, so shall we. But the moral of the story is that change does indeed occur. Sometimes purposefully and, perhaps, at other times seemingly random. We... 09 Jul 2022

Riding The Wave of Change

Change is a very funny thing, it kind of... sort of... changes things. Through a number of years I have addressed the issue of the creation of 'safe' areas whereby those who are so inclined can freely pursue their own spiritual development... 18 Feb 2012

In The Still Of The Night II

When we become emboldened in self righteousness our egotistical well being becomes enormously enhanced. What glory! What power! What ridiculousness! Change is upon us.... 03 Feb 2009

Trial By Fire, Trail By Tears

Becoming unglued, we search and reach for the safety of our netting and yet as time and experience weep forward our lust for comfort comes to know no bounds and so becomes unbounded. We are everywhere we want to be. In desperation we turn a good... 18 Jan 2008

Causing Grief

What is it that makes us cause trouble and unrest in another? Is there something within us that, just within the edge of our awareness, awaits it's moment in time to spill it's carnage upon the unsuspecting? Why must there be some feeling, some... 10 Sep 2003

The Winds of Change

The Winds of Change toss us to and fro, taking us where ever it is that has been deemed not just a necessity, but a requirement. Taking flight, we expand our wings in the hope that our flight will be a controlled one. With effort and narrowness... 16 Aug 2001

Are You Ready To Deal With That?

Through the way of the living, the dead become known. How else is it that the dead can arise from their comfortable graves and meet the new day. It is in the arising that life takes place for without the will, all that happens is animated meat.... 10 Aug 2001

You Can Come Out Now

Do you smell it in the air? There is a change coming and the wind is heavily scented with it. Nations rise and fall on the fragrance and universes tremble from it's effects. There is a time and a place for everything, can this be the time? Can... 19 Jul 2001

Escape Is Not An Option

There are always turning points in our existence. They can range from a minor change in thought, to life changing experiences, but always they appear suddenly and without warning - or so it appears. Knowledge contains many components in which... 19 Jul 2001

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