Backlighting The Background

There is so much happening in the so-called 'background'. If one were to fade to black then much would be revealed but with that comes responsibility. Not all appears as it is and though the stage is set and all the props and people are in their place the audience seems intent upon defying protocol. So be it, there is a script for that as well.

This is not a new game by any means. It's been played out many, many times and as the slight adjustments take place in order to beckon the believable change occurs. Even though few notice, the conviction becomes heart felt and reality bends in the wind to accommodate. Gathering strength, a different reality takes form and shape unbeknownst to most and expected to the rest. Opening the doors of heaven is best left to those who understand it's and their fate in doing so. Time is always of the essence and yet it's use ensures the prolongation of the moment where a whole lot of people suddenly realize that the bus doesn't stop here but over there.

Shuffling on over is a great way to segue into the next chorus line.

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