Peek And Boo

Languishing while time passes can be a worth-while endeavor and yet the steadfast know of no such bounds. In it's elongation, time relishes the 'unknown' in which to place happenstance. As we pave the road ahead with gold few remain steadfast in that which has brought them to this exact moment. Being blind allows one to 'see' but unfortunately the mirror reflects it's duty. We see what we wish to see, nothing more and nothing less.

As we capture the gaze upon the lands of our choosing 'reality' takes hold. It does not wish to be contained and so our energy must keep up the pace. Bounds and limitations are created for our enjoyment. Does that not put a smile on your face?

Freewheeling into oblivion we find that which we seek. Striving, we relish our just rewards. Are we not the creators of which we speak?

There is no where to run and no place to hide.

I see you1.

  1. As you yourself see you. And yet there is so much more. 

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