I Smote, Therefore I Am

As the world turns we spin right along with it, sometimes even holding on for dear life. As the change 'happens' all around us we try and take root in what we believe we know so as to stabilize not only our beliefs but our very way of life1. As we drag our rooted chains behind us we tenderly venture out into the 'unknown' hoping against hope that our safety and well being are assured. It is good to bring along our crutches is it not?

Our beliefs may make the Universe come and go but that has nothing to do with reality. In our projections are we not the star of the show, do we not relish the limelight that we so graciously bestow upon ourselves? In living out our dreams our sleep becomes tested.

If there is more to life than the projection of an existence we cannot fathom does that make it not worthy of respect. If our attention solidifies along the lines of intention are we but fooling ourselves into playing and partaking of the game of life... and death.

Questioning the supposedly unknown can lead to isolation as who wants to play with those who have other interests at heart.

Therefore, it is it not wise to continue to follow one's heart especially in the light of others whose stature has been allowed and encouraged to fall short. As our connection to others, and the Universe, grows all these silly notions are left at the bus stop of a discontinued line.

The projection you have created for yourself and 'others' becomes meaningless. Surviving the storm of one's own creation is not a testament of will, it's hardly a fair fight. Though we can become and be our own worst enemy appearances are deceiving especially to those who relish such.

Peeking behind the veil requires but a glimpse into there being no separation at all2.

  1. Aka our existence. 

  2. But you already know that. In the effort of creating separation much energy must be given and taken. Think about that as you sustain it's existence in your sphere of being. I smote, therefore I am. 

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