Fables of Glory And Shame

Living life after life can seem tiresome but no lives are endured without merit. There is a point to it all, just wait and see. I know that the wait part is typically used and abused to no end but all this is not on that part of the equation. I have no need for followers and subservients. As a matter of fact I shy away from those who find value on what is revealed and wish to become more. Please, leave me alone.

We are all made from the same cloth. There is no difference between the so-called 'you' and to apparent 'me'. It's not that we are the same, it's that our beginnings began alike and from there our definition become definitive. I found no joy in that and so remained alike. It has never changed despite the odds.

As we 'progress' down this long dusty road so much can 'happen' along the way so that experience becomes unfolded according to our desire for such, In definition we become. So sorry to have to tell you that.

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