Anything Is Possible II

In this time of ever lasting love there exists that which lies outside the boundaries and limitations of the playing field. There are fields of play at work here and in a multi-dimensional stance. Where there was one there are the many. It's not about the plenitude, it's about choice.

As we travel down the road of perplexity we sometimes become swayed in our convictions and in doing so create pathways and byways through which we find expression. It's not a matter of finding ourselves but more along the lines of expressing something that which we contain and sometimes suppress. Don't worry, it all comes out in the end.

As we become endowed with our creation we sometimes slowly become convinced that we are the one. It's always true of course but every single time it's anew. We are never alone.

As we endure the conversion we seemingly progress into the unknown. There is no 'unknown' but that has never stopped us before. In it's enjoyment, we send out our expression upon the winds of change seemingly unaware of the consequence. Of course we know this to be untrue but lies are like wrinkles upon the folds of time continuing existence in our perpetuity. Does it not feel 'good' to be alive?

As we venture forth into our reality we go deeper and deeper. Sooner or later we fall upon ourselves and come face to face with a much 'different' reality. As we awaken from one dream and fall into another we assure ourselves that all is right little realizing that nothing has really changed. We believe it to be so and so it is. As we endure ourselves there is little choice in our choices.

Sooner or later the hammer falls, sometimes by 'happenstance' and at other times by purpose and plan. Are we not the summation of our hopes, dreams and 'experiences'. That which we experience we become which is the whole point of it all. It's not about collecting trophies of conquest but more along the lines of summing the totality which is pretty funny in and of itself.

All is known. Sorry to have to tell you that. It's not that your line of reasoning is at fault as it certainly added to the painting upon the wall where those who pass exclaim honor and glory. It's more along the lines of devastating the self glory upon which one has built the altar of desire. It's true that we all have had the installation of desire become the center point of our being for without such there would be not enough corners in the universe in which to hide all those who seek such.

Creation requires destruction but it is a complete and total lie. All exists. There is nothing else.

There is nothing else but existence1. Do with it as you will.

  1. Existence within definition. It's like peeking behind the veil and seeing

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