The Mirror Never Lies

Riding the wave of our own essence we sooner or later find our selves upon the sands of time wondering how in the hell we got there in the first place. In the sudden realization of our presence we question. Relying upon what has come before, we venture into the present little realizing our 'mistake'.

There is no going forward nor is there a past in which we may find definition and meaning upon which we can rest our concerns so as to prospect a future desirable to our projection of Life and Living. As the waves upon these shores erase all that appears there is nothing which remains other than this moment. It is true, this moment is all we really have. All else is an illusionary excursion into realms of thoughts and beliefs providing us with 'experience' so as to make us feel that we are indeed traveling upon the sands of time itself.

Gathering our strength and conviction we create a reality in which we may take great pleasure and pride. Alas, there is no 'learning' and that precious experience we so endearingly embrace is not just illusionary but deceitful as well. In projecting our moments we come to live them fully immersed in our being. There is no other 'path'.

In acknowledging our future that long dusty road appears as to never end. It just goes on and on well beyond the backdrop of the limitations we have so lovingly adopted. Some call this freedom where others define it as being bound and gagged. If there is a way out surely someone would have taken it and sent back pictures.

As we move forward in this life and in the plentitute of opportunistic eventualities sometimes it's a good idea to pause just a moment to take in the scenery. Seeing one's expression removes the burden of proof.

The mirror never lies.

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