Symbol Of The Ages

There is no way out.

I am but a symbol of the ages, born upon the sands of time to demonstrate that indeed, I do live. It's really a false reality but it does make for a good show.

I am not alone.

There are no shadows nor those who civilize such. Reality is such a strange word with which to describe that which is extant. How do I show others the perceptional perspective. We are all cut from the same cloth and yet just about everyone will deny it in one form or another. Since we can't jump ahead we slow walk the progression.

I have no interest in the interest itself therefore nothing comes about. There is no desire within me to plug myself into the matrix. As an 'outsider' I remain. As we live, we die. Perceptionally there isn't anything at all that changes. Here I am.

Upon the lands of the future all rests1.

  1. Came across this lovely comment: "I am my own twin flame." 

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