Walking Into The Winds of Change

Sometimes we struggle with one thing or another until we eventually realize that nothing is a struggle. It can be a far stretch of the imagination to see that but none-the-less it is real. There is no other moment than this very one in which to encapsulate all that is. All the struggles, happiness and joy encountered during our daily travels in this world seemingly mad with desire, perhaps even overcome.

There is no way out other than the door with which we open that stands before us always. We always have a choice in everything. So why the long face?

Dancing upon the thoughts of one's own desire we find the freedom we have always sought. It's not a matter of attainment but it surely a matter of acceptance. Do you not see this?

In our freedom of choice the tendency, over time, is to choose that which we most fear. The faster you run the quicker it closes in upon your heels. Don't look back as you run into the mists of time in order to take refuge. There is no place in which comfort can be attained. In facing our 'enemy' we free ourselves from our selves.

It really is all a matter of choice.

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