Watch The Speed Bumps

In the interest of science I have decided to leave my body to rot out in the wilderness so as to demonstrate that all life comes full circle. There is no way but in reality this game we call 'life' is anything but. In wondering who we are elongation occurs in which life paves the way forward. Is there an end I wonder out loud.

Stumbling into the unknown we 'find' purpose and plan. There is no such thing but sometimes these things can make us feel more comfortable as we travel down the road of who know what. It would be a lonely and desolate road without someone to travel it with and so we 'hook up' with one or another. It really makes no difference, As we become spellbound we blindly set each foot in front of the other and continue our path. It has after all been well laid out for us has it not?

In seeking we rarely find. And so as we 'progress'' all sorts of things happen to us. Are we that lonely where we are willing to encumber ourselves with just anything? Is there no 'justice' in this universe?

Dependencies require subservient underlings with which we may shape and form according to our wishes. As we play with out dolls we remain as children, ignorant in the ways and means of that which lies beyond our limitations. As our sight becomes tainted our thoughts soon follow and so we dive deep into predictability. It's the same old routine.

Escaping the inescapable requires something more than simply the effort one endures alone. Breaking free of our own self created bonds requires us to bend the knee. We are not alone and never will be. It's not about the makeup of the Universe but more along the lines of establishing a basis of understanding. As we spread out wings we do indeed fly and that which supplies the moment in which to do so never falters. If we are not the masters of our own universe what does that say about the Universe at large?

Watch the speed bumps out there okay.

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