The Revolution Kicks Off

As we propel ourselves in an 'unknown' future we become like the circus act, a shooting star of amazing ability. Just look at us perform! Are we not the amazement which defines our character.

In seeking we find our foot steps which somehow lead us forward and onward toward an outcome previously defined by none other than ourselves. Yes, we not only predict the future, we become it.

Our relationship with the Universe defines our outlook. As we see, we are. There is no escaping from that which we create. We can pretend but in our silliness we know what we know even if and when we turn a blind eye. What we do not see does not exist. Therefore, I am not. There is a lot of 'not' going on at the moment. Well, actually tthat has been going on for quite some time and now that the transition has set in, it becomes something else.

This world is a stage upon which the numerous actors partake of it's glory. There is something for everyone so please take your turn. It's not about a 'simulation' but more along the lines of perception. The projection is our trajectory and the flight path assured. We will arrive as per our 'destiny'.

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