In Arriving We Are Laid To Rest

Within the bounds of our own existence we play out what excites us the most. Isn't it wonderful to feel alive!

Traveling down the road of experience we take notes and pay close attention to that which we must 'learn'. Some say it's all a learning experience so as to make excuses for our plight while others may say that karma rules the roost. You play, you pay. So many avenues of exploration and many take them all.

As I sit in the back of the room quietly giving due attention to the happenings and shenanigans being presented on the stage it all remains moot. We are not going anywhere and all the doing in the world will achieve absolutely nothing. Why bother you ask, well we do have a role to play. Each and every one of us.

Resistance is futile so you might as well 'give in'. Give up the holy ghost of one's longings and embrace the alternate means of travel. Make no mistake, it's still traveling but at least you aren't stuck at the train station for the late arrive conveyance of opportunity. Freeing one's self from the binds of existence can be tough going but it all depends upon just how much you like battling your self.

We are all puppets upon the stage of Life and Living. I don't mind but many do. Unfortunately a blind eye requires an ignorance well suited to where we are today. If nothing exists then surely our very presence will rock the boat. Do we not complete the painting and in so doing capture the very essence of what it means to be alive. In the torment of our separation we take refuge and prolong the inevitable. Surely our lives have meaning.

In arriving we are laid to rest.

Does that not scare the bejesus out of you1.

  1. Sometimes the ending takes forever to complete to a close. The hamsters have a hard time stopping the wheel from turning as they are propelled forward and onward. Must. Keep. Up. Must. Keep. Going. 

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