Jumping To Conclusions

Peeking into the future is like unveiling the bride. It's not always an appropriate or even necessary thing to do. Human nature requires a never ending push into the so called unknown. There must be more, always more. That is the point of experience and the purpose of Man is it not? To boldly go where no Man has gone before.

In the effort much is lost.

I'm not putting a positive or a negative to that. It's just the way it is. Perhaps that is the nature of Man but I don't really believe in fairy tales so there obviously exists much more to the story. And so it is.

In creating balance there are many times where the see-saw of Life and Living must be overly compensated for. Balance requires constant movement in which to sustain stasis. After a while it all comes naturally with hardly a thought or effort generated towards or about it but that is my perspective. In the shadows embrace I take refuge so as not to influence the outcome. This is very important.

There is no whirlwind and any 'storm' one encounters is from one's own making. We all create the reality in which we tread our daily lives. Breaking through the 'perplexity' we find something much different but that is another story for another time.

We all create the destiny upon which our footsteps find themselves traveling upon. The road ahead it seems is filled with our effort. Somewhere in the planning stage we decided to take root and so here we are.

There is no road traveled alone1.

  1. I can't emphasis this enough. 

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