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Jumping To Conclusions

Peeking into the future is like unveiling the bride. It's not always an appropriate or even necessary thing to do. Human nature requires a never ending push into the so called unknown. There must be more, always more. That is the point... 12 Nov 2023

Lost In A Tangle Of Briars

We tend to relish with the utmost delight our senses. Doesn't matter the cause or effect, just that it exists. In overwhelming our selves with our selves we find truth. Yes, we are what we are. There is no going back and as we dive headfirst... 14 Sep 2022

All Is Well In The Land Oz

Wanted to let you know that all is well in the Land of Oz. Nothing is amiss and balance is not something needed nor desired. When Man makes a move it's as if mountains become moved and through the fragility of thought all becomes real. It... 08 Sep 2022

Dimensional Culpability

Swinging, we find balance. There is nothing more to it than that.... 31 Jul 2022

Another Trip Around The Bend

Been there, done that many, many times. Some travel ceaselessly with the main reason being that somewhere must come knocking on the door so that it can be presented with hope and surprise. There you are my little precious. But never-never... 09 Sep 2020

Biting the Bitter End

Living the life of charm, glory and wander-lust. My knees are killing me!... 15 Sep 2017

The God of Commerce

There are many different types of systems that can be used as a basis for common understanding. A community of people typically requires a basis from which to conduct themselves so that balance can be achieved within the set of conditions... 07 Apr 2016

Doing The Right Thing

Many people proclaim that they know that doing the right thing is about doing what is right, about following one's heart to overcome any and all odds to bring balance and harmony to any given situation. And when that proclamation expires out... 03 Oct 2014

Seditional Insurrection

Lately it seems that a few updates are in order. In that atmospheric environment the following play-book may be relevant. contact via mental, physical constructs contact via mental, physical constructs fear establishment degenerate... 25 Jun 2013

Propaganda, Spin and Counter Revolutions

Touching the Heart of Man can sometimes require many roads of ingress. Not all roads should be taken but in choice there is, as always, a choice. The choices we make defines our being but in such definition how easy it becomes to stay lost... 01 Nov 2010

Hiding In Wolves Clothing

"These are the times that try Men's souls." There are the times just as they always are and let's not forget the other half of the equation - a spiritual being wrapped in a female late-model Ford. It's all the rage no matter the make or model... 08 Jun 2010

The Clear Seeing of Obfuscation

Looking through our eyes we see the world at large and take refuge in the fact of our creation. In so becoming we find purpose and plan in which to take experience. From cause to effect our happiness travels the world over seeking and looking.... 11 Feb 2010

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