There Is Nothing Else

In exploring the push which by the way is about completely ignored, we seek and find. The finding part is not quite up to the task but it is there anyway, enticing all those who gaze upon it. There must be something more even if it defies our very nature1.

Quietly, those who have no need of 'seeking; or 'finding' find something much more interesting. Treading the path of least resistance all becomes. It's like a ufo abduction where mysteries compound themselves coalescing into an unbelievable story of great magnitude. What is left over is not only disbelief but a reality quite at odds with the current flow of mind. For most, where the minds leads all follow.

But this is not entirely about them.

In stretching the imagination beyond comprehension breakage occurs and as the system breaks down our reality comes to the fore. Acceptance is the only option although many a battle are fought along the way. Sometimes the winner and at other times the loser takes center stage but in either case something comes of it. Forward movement occurs despite our best effort2.

In becoming we take the time to change clothes into something 'new'. Yes, we must take on the role and play our part and as we convince ourselves of one thing or another all comes to pass. Sooner or later the knife comes out and separates the wheat from the chaff and as we stand naked before all that is, we are.

There is nothing else.

  1. In which case we tend to ignore it to ignorance's full potential. 

  2. At least it seems so. 

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