I Am A Victim of Solitude

I stand alone. Not really alone but here, alone indeed. The 'problem' with being connected to various things is that there is not a need, want nor desire to express such. Although there are many who scamper hither and thither it is not my place to ground them, I am not here for that1. There is no escape.

Most times while I sit in the back and listen to various ramblings and such my attentiveness is taken as an opportunity to release the flood gates of self glorification. I find it quite boring but in the release of pent-up emotions I am hoping that something good will come of it all. It doesn't really but my hopes keep me going.

If wishes were fishes there would be a multitude of seafood begging to be absorbed.

It's true, I am a victim so there is no sense in battling the demons and witches of an existence which is transitory in nature and but a drop in the bucket of a totality greatly misunderstood2.

In our perceptive gaze upon the landscape of desire we are all but victims of circumstance. It's not an 'accidental' gathering of like-minded souls but a gathering none-the-less. As we come full circle there is nothing to be gained or realized so why the act? Are we but puppets on a string dancing to our own deleterious desires but of course there is always more to the story. As a victim I take in all that is required until such time as necessity presents other terms in which to interact. There is no escape.

In the face of opposition I find that there is no opposition and so remain immovable. It's not that I stand my ground but rather that there is nothing else in which to move unto.

There are no secrets.

  1. In case you are wondering this is all about me

  2. This is on purpose of course. Smoke and mirrors. 

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