Escaping The Inescapable II

Running is good exercise. It is also important to breathe.

Destiny has a way of opening our eyes to what this little thing called life experience wishes to bring forth upon us. It really doesn't matter what you do, how you do or with whom. Are we not here to 'experience' our selves?1

We live to die and often repeat the cycle just to make sure. If there is a point to it all I am sure that you are working on it.

As life unfolds so do we. Traveling down the road of our imaginations we try to impress upon our selves the importance of it all. In this foolish we find comfort and as we extend the boundaries of our existence we feel good about our selves. Surely we are of god material.

At the end of it all there is no end as we come to realize that there was no beginning. If it's happening all at once then surely we can take comfort in the fact that our beliefs are merely bumps in the road on our way to Rome. Those 'bumps' always tend to give us pause2.

In reflection we contemplate the existence and demonstration of our selves. As we express we also inhale deeply. Coming full circle we initiate but another. And another. You get the picture.

The end is where the beginning takes place.

  1. A trap by any other name is still a trap. Go ahead and try to escape your own. 

  2. Which is the whole reason for them. 

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