We all fall into patterns of self delusion from time to time. It's not by accident nor design, it's just how it all plays out. No matter the depth and breath of your planning and foreseeing reality has it's way with us. There is no choice and there are no choices. It's either fall in line and do what you are meant to do or live a life of consequence. The interest in the drama of life is in direct proportion to the line we toe.

'Science' has no boundaries as it is rooted in ignorance. There is no end to the discovery of what is and what can be, the point being that in projecting a continuation we prolong our suffering. Perhaps that is the point of it all, the continuation.1

As we travel down this seemingly never ending road the one thing most cling to is hope.

Given enough time it will all work out.

Here is the bad news. There is no such thing as time.

Let that, and all that it encompasses, sink in2.

  1. I take no comfort in that. 

  2. Go ahead. I'll give you a moment. 

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