In Acknowlogement

This website is not about the tried and 'true' belief that popularity ensures relief from one's own dementia. So thank you. Thank you for finding your way here and taking away either something or nothing. There is no popularity contest here and I am not here to convince you of anything1.

There are no comments here worth the enticement of drama and superiority. No guest book to leave crumbs of emotion and no interaction for the desperately lonely. All that is found here is scribblings upon the wall and as those scribblings expand out upon the Universe something or nothing at all 'happens'. What awesomeness!

Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for finding interest or being repulsed. Sometimes the ground is sown for the future and other times the red flag is thrown up just for the heck of it in case someone is noticing.

It is in the noticing that things 'happen'.

Thank you.

  1. Since you already know it all, what's the point? 

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