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Intellectual Defeatism

In life after life there is and always will remain, death. It simply cannot be escaped and yet many continue to beat the harbinger to the punch. Waking up is not arising from slumber, it becomes us. Waving a hand across the oceans of… 29 Oct 2022

Foundational Beings

A basis exists upon which the building of all else resolves. It’s not the first cause nor the last but something entirely different. Looking through the telescopic lens of a reality that does not exist we see many a sight to behold. All… 20 Jan 2022

Walking In The Shadows

It’s true, I do keep a low profile. It’s not about relegating an ego to the waste bin nor is it about standing firm against the tides of good and evil. All things in this universe ebb and flow as nature intends. There isn’t anything we can… 03 Jan 2022

Doing It For 'Free'

Money, money, money. Gimme, gimme gimme! You hear it from almost every corner of humanity, that desperate heart-wrenching cry for the all mighty and omnipresent medium of exchange, the rallying cry for ever more…. 21 Jun 2010

Passing The Time Of Day

Day or night the passage of time comes to be inevitable. Lazily we stand by the sidelines waiting and watching life pass us by wondering in despair when it will be our turn. Yes, when will it me my turn!?… 14 Jun 2010

Scribbling Our Wishes Upon The Universe

The Age of Innocence is rapidly drawing to a close. Leaving the embrace of childish pursuits behind maturity begins to work it’s magic. It’s a maxim that no child is left behind because as children our own temptation requires of us to be self… 25 Jun 2009


It matters little which class of elitist shill occupies governmental offices of ‘power’ from which the populace are used and abused to no end. For those on the low end of the totem pole the only choice available is to go along to get along or… 30 Nov 2005

Entering The Fire

The fire of Man is burning desire. What form that desire makes itself known as makes little difference as the damage has already been done. Moving away from our core requires us to deny our very existence and out of that maelstrom life arises in… 13 Jun 2005

Can Chance Favor Us?

Where does the Heart lie when we approach our environment with a critical eye? Do we so relish our own thoughts that we completely deny all else? As the embodiment of man, we bind ourselves with devices of our own choosing. Creating havoc we… 13 May 2005

Stuck In Time (Forum)

Have you ever come upon a moment, thought, or experience and found that whatever you do, it just doesn’t seem to “go away”. Besides being called an “engram”, “by-passed charge”, or “mis-emotion”, it all amounts to the same thing - being stuck. A… 13 Apr 2004

Which Will You Choose?

Wanting and needing, we stretch our minds to envelope more and more ‘space’ ‘outside’ of ourselves. Seeking, we find little that satisfies, and so continue the everlasting quest. Moving forward in haste, we go no where. Never standing still long… 17 Oct 2002


There is always something going on. There is always some crises in the making or breaking. Action undertaken by desire will always result in disappointment. And that is what separates the men from the boys. 25 Aug 2002

Wheel Of Life

I am the pliable self. Whatever you wish for me to be, I will become that. I blend in easily and become a part of the landscape with no conscious effort. Each individual sees me as they wish to see me. I am what I should be, no more and no less…. 02 Oct 2001

There Is Life Even In The Dead

Fulfilling one’s duties and responsibilities, what happens next? Where is it that we will be taken to next? Have we reached the pinnacle of our desires or do we continue to create new and interesting twists and turns in the drama of life. Taking… 18 Sep 2001

Are You Ready To Deal With That?

Through the way of the living, the dead become known. How else is it that the dead can arise from their comfortable graves and meet the new day. It is in the arising that life takes place for without the will, all that happens is animated meat…. 10 Aug 2001

Make Believe

Into the hearts and minds of those around us, do we wish to invade. We want to become known and in that reflection we gaze deeply at ourselves and behold the wonder. The wonder of being, as reflected by our creations is truly a wonder indeed…. 09 Aug 2001

Would We Be The Same?

Asleep, I watch in panicked distrust of things and places circling above me as vultures in need. Never imagined and never trusting in the life of one who leads same, there can be only forlorn hope of that which ever exceeds my grasp. Catching a… 02 Aug 2001

Embrace Nature

There comes a time when the heart must be opened and allowed to blossom. Through the natural forces this blossoming is inhibited with the understanding that assistance of this nature is a positive and worthwhile endeavor. Exploring these options… 18 Jul 2001

With Childish Delight

Languishing in our dreams, when will the morning bring us the hope we desire so dearly. When will the sun appear before us to lead the way into that vast unknown we call ‘the day’. Arising, we beseech whatever it is that rules over us, happy in… 16 Jul 2001

Treading Desire

Emotional content, ever pervading the human form, from where does the power of life receive it’s yearnings and desires? Ultimately, there is no other place on Earth, other than the exact moment and place in which you have found yourself this… 16 Jul 2001

Window Shopping

Walking through Life, we seek the immediacy of experience. When it comes to emotive stimulus, the time of now exists like no other. We want it and we want it bad. Seeking this, we are willing to create any effect, any effect at all, in order… 27 Jan 2001

The Clothes We Wear

Sometimes, there comes a defining moment in each person’s life where they can say “THAT” is the point where everything changed for me, “THAT” is the ‘why’ of all that I am and exist for, “THAT” is the ‘reason’. ‘THAT’ can be anything and can… 19 Jan 2001


Reaching toward the unknown, what stops you from achieving your splendor, other than yourself. Efforting is in the band of desire in which we all walk the walk of life. There is no escape from ourselves. The prison planet theory holds true in… 13 Sep 2000

Here And Now

The here and now is illusionary as is the future and the past. Time exists only for the mind’s differentiation. Presence needs neither time nor the mind, but uses these as tools to explore its’ self-created environment. The escape of immortality… 07 Jun 2000

Seeing Beyond The ThunderDome

We come to a new place, seeking answers to questions that drive us mad. Within us, burns the desire to “know”. Believing that knowing is the ultimate form of self-aggrandizement, we align ourselves with those who can impart their “wisdom”,… 23 May 2000

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