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I Am A Victim of Solitude

I stand alone. Not really alone but here, alone indeed. The 'problem' with being connected to various things is that there is not a need, want nor desire to express such. Although there are many who scamper hither and thither it is not my... 03 Dec 2023

Walking Into The Winds of Change

Sometimes we struggle with one thing or another until we eventually realize that nothing is a struggle. It can be a far stretch of the imagination to see that but none-the-less it is real. There is no other moment than this very one... 12 Nov 2023

Stopping In Time, Standing One's Ground

Time has a way of encapsulating us in it's tentacles of favor. As we peer beyond the horizon what there is to see has already been seen so we pretend that ignorance is a noble endeavor. Sightless, we peer into the 'darkness' unafraid of what may... 21 Oct 2023

Fables of Glory And Shame

Living life after life can seem tiresome but no lives are endured without merit. There is a point to it all, just wait and see. I know that the wait part is typically used and abused to no end but all this is not on that part of the... 18 Oct 2023

Intellectual Defeatism

In life after life there is and always will remain, death. It simply cannot be escaped and yet many continue to beat the harbinger to the punch. Waking up is not arising from slumber, it becomes us. Waving a hand across the oceans of... 29 Oct 2022

Foundational Beings

A basis exists upon which the building of all else resolves. It's not the first cause nor the last but something entirely different. Looking through the telescopic lens of a reality that does not exist we see many a sight to behold. All... 20 Jan 2022

Walking In The Shadows

It's true, I do keep a low profile. It's not about relegating an ego to the waste bin nor is it about standing firm against the tides of good and evil. All things in this universe ebb and flow as nature intends. There isn't anything we can... 03 Jan 2022

Doing It For 'Free'

Money, money, money. Gimme, gimme gimme! You hear it from almost every corner of humanity, that desperate heart-wrenching cry for the all mighty and omnipresent medium of exchange, the rallying cry for ever more.... 21 Jun 2010

Passing The Time Of Day

Day or night the passage of time comes to be inevitable. Lazily we stand by the sidelines waiting and watching life pass us by wondering in despair when it will be our turn. Yes, when will it me my turn!?... 14 Jun 2010

Scribbling Our Wishes Upon The Universe

The Age of Innocence is rapidly drawing to a close. Leaving the embrace of childish pursuits behind maturity begins to work it's magic. It's a maxim that no child is left behind because as children our own temptation requires of us to be self... 25 Jun 2009


It matters little which class of elitist shill occupies governmental offices of 'power' from which the populace are used and abused to no end. For those on the low end of the totem pole the only choice available is to go along to get along or... 30 Nov 2005

Entering The Fire

The fire of Man is burning desire. What form that desire makes itself known as makes little difference as the damage has already been done. Moving away from our core requires us to deny our very existence and out of that maelstrom life arises in... 13 Jun 2005

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